Norms and Standards for Sport and Recreation Infrastructure - Vol 1 - Operations and Management

This project deals with the development of standards for sport and recreation facility planning, provision and management in South Africa. It was commissioned by the Facilities Directorate of SRSA. The purpose was to develop norms and standards that addressed four elements. These were provision and management of facilities; technical specifi cations; operations and maintenance; and fi nally safety and security. In order to develop a good understanding of the context of sport and recreation facilities, status quo and related issues throughout the country, a consultative approach was followed where researchers travelled to selected municipalities in all nine provinces to gather data. In addition, municipal managers and/or planners of facilities were interviewed for their inputs. Desk top and library research was done to develop an in depth understanding of the relevant issues, trends and techniques being utilised globally to address the problem. Several case studies from an international and national perspective were studied to extract best practices and relevant guiding principles.

: 08 August 2011
: SRSA Direcorate Facilities
: 2010
: 1 of 2
: Manual
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: 80
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