Directorate: Information Technology

Master systems plan:  
SRSA has started the process of developing an information technology strategic plan which will help in providing direction for managing information technology more effectively, efficiently and economically. The proposals of fi ve companies have been evaluated and an appointment in this regard will be fi nalised in 2009.

Electronic content management:
Whether for compliance, customer service, business continuity or effective collaboration, document management is critical to any organisation. The department experienced a challenge regarding proper information management due to a lack of an electronic content management system. Submission processes within the department are initiated and managed manually and as a result the overall workfl ow is ineffi cient. It is imperative that the department incorporate their submission process into an electronic system. Good progress was made in this regard and the process will be concluded
during the 2009/2010 fi nancial year.

Remote access:  
Remote access can be very problematic both for users and for the information technology administrators. The department has embarked on a project to fi nd a suitable solution that allow users to securely access any network application from any location, thus stretching the reach of the internal network to the users.

Disaster recovery plan:
SRSA, through the State Information Technology Agency (SITA), has requested a disaster recovery plan specifi cally aimed at its information technology services and architecture. Lefatshe Technologies (PTY) Ltd was awarded the tender to supply the requested service in partnership with SITA. This will be implemented in 2009.

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS):
Cabinet adopted policy recommendations pertaining to FOSS in 2002 and 2003. Thegovernment further supported FOSS by accepting the proposed opensoftware policy for government. The Department of Public Service and Administration has been tasked to, amongst others, include FOSS utilisation in short and medium- term plans; and to establish and nurture a legislative environment that supports the development and use of FOSS as envisaged in the policy in this regard. SRSA will in turn support these initiatives if and where possible.

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Mr. Retief le Roux

Director: IT
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Ms. Matshidiso Rakotsoane

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Mr. Jaco Harmse

Information: Security Manager
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Mr. Noog Hendriks

Mr. Noog Hendriks

Deputy Director: Business Intelligence
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Mr. Seloane Motshane

Deputy Director: Service Supply Manager
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