HSRC Sport Struggle Report (Final)

The main objective of this project is to preserve the tangible heritage of the non-racial sport movement through the identification and collection of material related to the contribution of sport in the liberation of South Africa, especially in such areas as the isolation of Apartheid sport from participation at international level. This has to be done through the collection of material/records of international and South African national institutions and individuals involved in the development of non-racial sports, local community sports, protests and demonstrations against apartheid sport, the international sports boycott of South Africa. Such records have to be collected from both private individuals and organizations and established libraries and archives across the country. The relevant records include newspaper reports, video and audio tapes, film footage, memorabilia and artefacts (photographs, t-shirts, caps, stickers and buttons) associated with the story of sport and liberation in South Africa.

: 01 September 2011
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