Directorate: SRSA Facilities & Security Management

Regulatory framework:
The Auxiliary Services Directorate continued to expand and improve on its regulatory framework through the drafting and/or reviewing of various policies being administered by the directorate. The main aim was to further enhance the infrastructure andgeneral office support services being provided by the directorate.

Stakeholder management:
A new system of quarterly meetings and the assessment of all external service providers was introduced. Reporting on issues and progress was done in the Quarterly Strategic Review Meetings (QSRM) and in the Management Committee (MANCO).

Renovations to parliamentary offices:
The directorate contracted the Department of Public Works to renovate the Parliamentary Offices of SRSA in Cape Town as well as to update the Cape Town accommodation.  The image of these offices was further enhanced with the procurement of new office furniture. Further upgrading of amongst others carpeting and paintings is planned for the new fi nancial year.

Security vetting:
Since the amalgamation of the Department of Sport and Recreation and the South African Sports Commission in 2005 the “new” Department has been experiencing a huge backlog with regard to the vetting of staff. During the year under review, the Auxiliary Services Directorate managed to make considerable progress in addressing the backlog. A total of 16 applications were submitted to the National Intelligence Agency. In addition, the directorate facilitated the pre-screening of 14 service providers (including service providers to the Zone VI Games), 22 security guards, 114 interns, 151 applicants for positions in the department as well as 179 current employees of SRSA.

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Mr. Thaele Thekiso

Deputy Director: Logistics
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