Directorate: Internal Audit

To provide an independent audit process aimed at evaluating the measures instituted by management or the lack of these measures: ensuring that resources have been acquired economically and are utilised efficiently and effectively, and reporting on the acquisition and use of resources to management or the relevant authority. This involves examining Sport and Recreation SAs activities or programmes against established criteria, to determine whether they are carried out with due regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness.
No Image of Mr. Mahlatji Seroka

Mr. Mahlatji Seroka

Deputy Director: Risk Management
Tel : 012 3045138

No Image of Mr. Thabiso Tsele

Mr. Thabiso Tsele

Performance Audit
Tel : 012 3045174

Ms. Happiness Mlotshwa

Ms. Happiness Mlotshwa

Tel : 012 304 5215


No Image of Mrs. Nalana Mthembu

Mrs. Nalana Mthembu

Snr Internal Auditor
Tel : 012 304 5267

No Image of Mrs. Cynthia Makgalo

Mrs. Cynthia Makgalo

Snr Internal Auditor
Tel : 012 3045126