Speech - Minister - Reception in honour of Team South Africa by the President - 12 July 2012

This team, Mr President and honourable guests, will represent the hopes and aspirations of the 49 million South Africans on the sporting fields of London whilst at the same time will be our ambassadors to the billions of spectators in the foreign land. They will, in the field of sport, Mr President, give our message to the Queen that ‘South Africa is a country full with possibilities’. They are going to London this month not as subjects of the Crown and a delegation of the colonized and oppressed African masses. But as equals in the global affairs, including in international sport. Today these off-springs, of our forefathers who made deputations to the Queen many years ago, will go to London to represent South Africa as a free country and a dignified people.

: 17 July 2012
: Minister Mbalula
: 2012
: 1
: Speech
Publication Page
: 5
Media Type
: Speech

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