Speech - Minister - Launch of the Netball Diamond Challenge - 12 July 2012

Today is a very special day in our sporting sector. It marks the beginning of a process to develop women’s sport and Netball in particular and take it to new heights. We have noted that no women’s sport is professional in our country although women make up the majority of our population. Netball is the most popular women’s sport played in South Africa and is easily organized in universities, schools, open spaces, court yards and any place possible. Currently Netball SA has 2 million registered netball players. Together with Netball SA we have developed a strategy to deal with the sustainability and development of Netball in South Africa as we cannot continue to treat the most popular women’s sport as a marginalized and Cinderella sport. We cannot continue therefore, to marginalise our women.

: 17 July 2012
: Minister Mbalula
: 2012
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