Current and On-going Projects

SRSA's direct impact on sport in South Africa is made through the projects it runs and supports. The four strategic programs through which SRSA launches projects are Active Nation, Winning Nation, Sport Support and Sport Infrastructure Support. Each is home to a number of prjects - some are funded and managed by SRSA, others are funded by SRSA and implemented by partners; while in some cases SRSA only plays a facilitiation and monitoring role. Projects are fully described in its Annual Performance plan (APP), published annually. below are summaries of some of the major annual programs run by SRSA:

National Sports Week

National School Sport Championship

National Sports Awards

National Recreation Day

Indigenous Games Festival

Big Walk

Andrew Mlangeni Golf Development Program

Andrew Mlangeni Green Jackets

Trailblazer Movement and Youth Camps

Boxing Is Back!

Basketball National League

Sport In The Struggle Exhibition



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