Field of Play - District Six Museum Exhibition Catalogue

The Fields of Play exhibition initially focused on the history of football in Cape Town from 1862 until the mid-1960s. It included the stories of ten sites where football was played: Shelly Street in Salt River; Langa, Hartleyvale, Rosmead, William Herbert, Athlone, Rygate, Maitland and Stellenbosch. Each of the sites has two main features in common: firstly each was home to a football association prior to 1948 and was thus in existence prior to the introduction of the formalised system of apartheid. Secondly, each had an historical link to Green Point Common which is the site regarded as the home of the city.

: 17 May 2013
ISBN Number
: 978-0-620-46754-4
: 2010
: District Six Museum
Publication Page
: 166
Media Type
: Book
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