More than a game - History of the Western Province Cricket Board 1959-1991

In December 1953 a team of cricketers set off by lorry from Cape Town for a series of matches in the Eastern Cape and Natal. Among the group were some of the Western Cape's finest black players - Abdul Gameed Noordien, Tiny and Lobo Abed, Dol Freeman, Sydney Solomons, Jackie Tuter, Paddy Thomas, Adam Sobotker, Cliffie Ravens ....... Theirs was a crucial mission - a mission that had little to do with on-the-field skills or, indeed, with winning or losing. Rather the purpose of their trip was to cement a plan that had been meticulously put together over a long period - which had united cricketers from a number of ethnic and religious communities in Cape Town under the banner of the Western Province Cricket Federation.

: 17 May 2013
ISBN Number
: 0-620-26899-9
: Allie, M
: 2000
Publication Page
: 375
Media Type
: Book
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