Rules for Diketo - 2013

In tradition society play, games and physical activity played an important part in socialising the youth. Games were used to acquire survival skills and provide knowledge necessary for boys and girls to gain entry to adult life and communal spirit. Girls were introduced to womanhood through domestic play and imitating activities. Boys and girls could play together, learning about the norms of their society and challenges, or to just play for recreational purposes and fun. A coordinating game of Diketo/ Upuca / Ukugenda, was very popular among girls and still is, who often played it near the river or well when they went to fetch the water. It is played with small stones. The challenge is to pick or scoop up the allocated number of stones which require good hand- eye –coordination. It is played among all ethnic groups of South Africa. It is also popular abroad.

: 04 June 2013
: 2013
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