Speech - Minister - Multilateral Engagement With Federations - 14 April 2014

As we convene this meeting of the 5 Federations forming part the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on Transformation in Sport Pilot Study, we must always understand and internalize the reality that transformation processes are in their very nature exceedingly complex. These processes do not proceed in a logical, neat, step-by-step and chronological fashion. Transformation is a dynamic interactive process in which plans can be carried out simultaneously and fundamental issues opened and re-opened as conditions change and setbacks occurs. This is so because, to paraphrase Professor Chris Landsberg; the local and international environment is in constant state of flux. Being here is part of the journey to live and hope. The youth of our country look up to us to lift them from hopelessness by providing equal opportunities to participate and take their rightful place in sport.

: 14 April 2014
: Minister Mbalula
: 2014
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