Ke Nako Africa – The Exhibition (2010 FIFA World Cup SRSA initiative)

The international and unifying element of joy and passion about football will be celebrated in South Africa – with an international spotlight on the International Football Village at the huge venue of Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre in Johannesburg - where the largest number of matches and the World Cup final will be played. The International Football Village is a private initiative of South African and international business partners who intend to create a home for international and local visitors.


For the first time in its history, the FIFA World Cup 2010™ – the world’s largest sports event – will take place on the African continent, being hosted by South Africa. From 11 June to 11 July 2010, 32 teams will be vying against each other at nine venues for the trophy and for fame and glory. 500,000 international visitors will be urging their teams on live, supported by two billion spectators following the matches on their TV screens at home. For four weeks, football and the host country South Africa will be in the centre of international attention. It’s the time to show the new and modern, vibrant and colourful Africa, it’s the time for Africa to present itself together with the international community, the time where Africa is positioning itself amongst the strong partners worldwide.

Over the length and width of Africa, the World Cup is not just a sporting success. Like no other event before, it can transform the global image of the African continent and of South Africa in particular. In competition with the world’s leading football nations, Africa will take an outstanding position, as host country, as a safe place, as a business location, as bringer for peace for a very special continent, and as a wellspring of energy for creativeness, enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

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