2013/14 SRSA Annual Report

The year 2013/14 is what I can term as a remarkable year for us as a Department, on and off the field. Whilst the sport and recreation achievements of our various teams over the past financial year are to be lauded, it is the administrative and support measures put into place by the Department that created a firm foundation for the countryís sport prowess that was the main achievement of this year. During the year under review the Department remarkably achieved a clean audit. The achievement of this is a result of hard work and focus from the side of the departmental officials under the able leadership of the Director-General and his senior management team. This is a truly remarkable achievement and is a defining moment that makes this year a different year for us as a Department. This is the first ever achievement of an unqualified audit by the Department and itís worthy of being flagged as it is a sign of an organized department. The effectiveness of the Department rubbed off on a broad spectrum of programmes, more so, our National Sport and Recreation Plan (NSRP) that we have as our base and as you will see in this report, a remarkable work was also achieved in that regard.

: 10 October 2014
: 2014
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