Sport In The Struggle Exhibition

The Sport In The Struggle Exhibition is a sport history project that tells the stories of the forgotten heroes of sport who were denied the opportunity to excel on national and international levels of sport due to Apartheid. 

 As such it is an on-going and open-ended project that grows as more names and general information is discovered, research and added to the existing body of work.

The exhibition was first developed in 2013 in a simple format and displayed in nine venues, one in each province. 

In 2014 the content was revised and expanded, and a more formalised structure for the exhibition was developed and displayed at the Apartheid Museum in March and April 2014. Designed to be a mobile and easily transportable exhibition, It has since been travelled to other venues both locally and internationally.

In 2015 it has been shown at the Potchefstroom Museum, the MacGregor Museum in Kimberley, and it is currently on show at the National Museum in Bloemfontein.

The main purpose of the Sport In The Struggle Exhibition is to remember, preserve, celebrate and provide education about South Africa’s lesser known sport history.

The exhibition consists of more than forty professionally designed panels with consisting of narratives, photos and drawings that tell the story of a variety of events and persons in the history of South African sport.

The panels form a rough storyline starting with the early days of sport during the turn of the nineteenth century, through the years of Apartheid, highlights the role sport played in the struggle against oppression, and ends with the return of democracy and equality in sport in 1994.

The panels endeavour to introduce the viewer in an engaging way to some of the prominent and not-so-prominent black sportspeople of that era. 

Museums and other heritage institutions who are interested in hosting the exhibition are invited to view and download the full exhibition catalogue. For more information on hosting the exhibition, please contact Charl Durand at

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