How successful is your event?

Events where sportspeople come together to compete (and have fun!) are often a culmination of much planning and effort. But how does an event organiser know if an event has been successful or not? CHARL DURAND takes a look at what measures a truly winning event. Sports events are big investments in all senses of the word. Anyone who has ever organised an event — big or small — can relate tales about the amount of blood, sweat and tears — never mind money! — that an event requires to be successful. It therefore stands to reason that ensuring that an event goes well and preferably ‘lives on’ once it has been completed is very important, otherwise it’s not worth the immense effort it takes to stage.

: 07 July 2010
: Charl Durand
: 2008
: Your Sport, 1st Quarter, 2008 - p36-37
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: Article
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