SRSA keeps its finances clean!

SRSA keeps its finances clean!

The Minister of Sport and Recreation South Africa, Mr Fikile Mbalula welcomed Auditor General South Africa’s recognition of the department. The Minister received a Clean Audit award for the department in Pretoria this Monday.

Speaking at the ceremony to honour the department, Minister Mbalula stressed the critical role political leadership plays in ensuring public resources are not wasted and are used for their intended purpose.

“This is a third Clean Audit report for the department. It is hard to get a clean audit report, it is even harder to retain it and easy to backtrack. It is through our working together as a team at the department that we continue to maintain and keep this record. Its efforts from the Director General to the Chief Financial Officer and to all officials of the department who continue to do their work with diligence.”

“This is a report on how the department accounts for public funds. It is a report to the people of South Africa who hold us accountable for every cent we spend in making their lives better. It is their report more than it is about the department. This award recognises their continued support and unwavering demand for accountability.” Minister Mbalula said.

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