Looking back on 2016

Looking back on 2016

2016 was a year in which SRSA consolidated its programs and expanded on the firm base that had been established for many of them.

Some of SRSA's programs have now become household names across the country. Many of the flagship projects are national.

The Indigenous Games, Big Walk, National Recreation Day and SA Sports Awards are now regular fixtures on the South African sports calendar, regularly attracting thousands of visitors and participants every year.

All of SRSA's events share our common vision of An Active And Winning Nation. All out activities reach out to poorer communities to enable them to take part in sport and recreation.

In 2017 our programs will without a doubt grow from strength to strength as participant numbers grow and the impact multiplies. 

Click there to see a summary of SRSA's top programs: http://www.srsa.gov.za/pebble.asp?relid=3134

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