Sports Injuries -A self-help guide

Sportsmen are highly sensitive to wobbles in their fitness equilibrium. It is not because we are more conscious of pain than normal beings but rather because our bodies are so well tuned that the slightest piece of dust in the mechanism is instantly noticeable - and needs to be explained and rectified. Getting a sensible explanation is not always possible, even when an occasional niggling pain becomes chronic enough to inhibit the most dedicated from going out training. This book aims to give you an outline of the injuries which can happen to the different parts of your body through doing sport; how to recognize what might have happened; factors you should take note of to help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis quickly; and finally, guidelines on the rehabilitation process appropriate to the various injuries, leading to full fitness and your return to your sport.

: 10 March 2017
ISBN Number
: 0-7195-4111-5
: Grisogono, V
: 1984
Publication Page
: 289
Media Type
: Book
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