The relationship between low physical activity and Developmental Coordination Disorder: Thusa Bana study

Please note that the Article is in Afrikaans: The aims of this study was twofold, firstly to determine if their is any relationship between low physical activity levels and developmental coordination disorder and secondly if gender plays a role in this relationship among 10 to 12 year old children. The result showed that 50% of the children who were classified in the DCD category were also low active and that low active DCD children had significantly poorer ball skills compared to higher active DCD children. No differences were found between low active boys and girls with DCD. Partial correlation analysis indicated that physical activity and socio-economic conditions had the highest relationships with DCD>

: 04 August 2010
ISBN Number
: 0379-9069
: Cloete, E; Pienaar, A.E. & Coetzee, M
: 2006
: Vol 28, Nr 1
: South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education & Recreation
Media Type
: Book
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