Ministerial committee of enquiry to investigate FNB Stadium incident

Ministerial committee of enquiry to investigate FNB Stadium incident

The Ministry and Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa have taken note of the unfortunate events that took place at the FNB Stadium on the 29th of July 2017. As government we cannot speculate as to what transpired at the NASREC Precinct that led to the regrettable loss of life and cannot place reliance only on media reports. Our condolences go to those families of the deceased and we will in due course liaise with those families to convey our messages of support in this difficult time of bereavement.  

As government we have learnt a lot from the then Ellis Park disaster and had implemented the recommendations of the Commission of Enquiry that was appointed to deal with that tragedy. We have since then enacted a law to respond and implement preventative measures in such situations. Government enacted the Safety at Sports and Recreation Events Act, (Act no. 2 of 2000). The safety of spectators and all who attend our Sport and Recreation events remains paramount and we are enjoined by this law and its accompanying regulations to act in view of such unfortunate occurrences. We believe that the laws and regulations to ensure the safety of all at Sports and Recreation events are adequate and robust enough to deal with all eventualities. As human life has been lost, we will, with immediate effect constitute a Ministerial Committee of Enquiry to investigate the circumstances that have led to this tragedy. We seek to determine the root causes so that preventative measures can be reinforced and also to determine if there was any negligence on the part of any relevant party. We will announce the Terms of Reference for the Enquiry and the Appointment of the Member(s) of the Enquiry in due course after duly consulting with all relevant stakeholders. Any further actions will be determined having duly considered the outcome of the Enquiry and the recommendations made. 

Issued by the Ministry of Sport and Recreation South Africa 

Enquiries: Mr. Sabelo Mali, Ministerial Spokesperson: (082 729 5804) 

                 Mickey Modisane, Communications Chief Director: (082 992 0101)

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