Minister Nxesis Motivational Address to Bafana Bafana Camp

Minister Nxesis Motivational Address to Bafana Bafana Camp

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01 September 2017 




Cape Verde, Praia - Minister of Sport and Recreation South Africa Thulas Nxesi, as part of his objective to travel with the National Team, was to engage with the team motivating them as well as the technical team ahead of the all important qualifier match against Cape Verde.


Through the SAFA Communications unit headed by Dominic Chimavi and the go-ahead granted by the SAFA President who is also with the team in Cape Verde.


Minister in his preparatory talk with the players had this to say:


"....for the fact that you are here, means you are all winners. You have been selected to play at the highest level and to represent your country. That is an honour, but also a heavy responsibility. On Friday there will be millions of people watching back home, cheering you on, willing you to win. Dont disappoint them.

I have faith that you can do it because, I know how hard you have worked to get to this point, through the amateur football stage to being selected to play for Professional teams, then your call to play In National Teams.


 You were born with a god-given talent but, you had to work hard to develop that talent. Of course, in soccer it is much more than individual talent, it is about how you combine those talents into a formidable team.


That is where the role of a successful and experienced coach comes in. I am sure you will listen to what he has to say.


By the way I managed to read the newspapers before we flew out on Tuesday. The sports journalists see Cape Verde as the weakest team in Group D and they are expecting Bafana to win - but thats the wrong attitude.


Let me tell you what your coach had to say about this, and I quote from the press reports. He said: My father said to me: Always beware of the man who has nothing to lose. End quote.


In other words, there can be no room for complacency and never under-estimate your opponent, especially when he has nothing to lose. I have found in life that the secret to success is to:


        Do the research

        Work hard

        Be prepared

        Have a plan

        Practise, and

        On the big day give it 100%. 


As in life, I dont think its so different in sport. I guess that is why you are here in this Camp:

        The coaching team have done their research; they have developed a plan, strategy and tactics.

        Now the task is to put that plan into action, that means hard work and practice from every team member so that you are prepared for every eventuality on match day.


I wish you well as you prepare. Thank you and on match day, I will be there to once more cheer you on". Stated Minister Thulas Nxesi







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