Ministers Response to RWC 2023 Announcement

Ministers Response to RWC 2023 Announcement

The Technical Committee of World Rugby has analysed the various bids of the three countries, namely South Africa, France and Ireland.


The official recommendation is that South Africa should host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.


Remember we have not actually won the bid as yet.

We will only know the final decision of World Rugby on 15th November.


This is a great and historic day:

·         For South African Rugby

·         for World Rugby

·         for sport generally and

·         for South Africa.


·         We pursued this bid because:

o   We believed it is an important part of nation-building and social cohesion – one of government’s priorities.

o   This was packaged as an economic bid:

§  it largely pays for itself,

§  it boosts sports tourism and economic activity and

§  it creates jobs.


·         We also said that the bid was a Triple Win:

o   For the players

o   For World Rugby

o   For the fans, and

o   Indeed for our country.


·         I think much of the credit for this success must go to the professionalism of the South African Rugby Union bid team.


·         Let us also give credit to government which gave full support to the bid:

o   Providing guarantees

o   Deploying the Deputy President to go to London last month to head-up the bid team.


·         Going forward as government:


o   We therefore will be working closely with South African Rugby:

§  to communicate the message around this tournament and

§  to build that kind of energy and enthusiasm that we saw in the build up to the FIFA World Cup 2010

§  In particular, we will be organising public viewing sites in the proposed host cities – in the same tradition as we established for 2010.


o   We are almost there – one final push.


Thank you.

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