Norms and Standards for Sport and Recreation Infrastructure (facilities) provision and management

The norms provide a definition of sport and recreation facilities, a classification system to categorise them, and local examples of such facilities. It goes on to provide the legislative framework that regulates the planning, provision, management, maintenance and protection of the future use of facilities. It provides an integrated, holistic approach to the problem of facilities planning and provision. It encourages a clustered approach to the planning of new developments, rather than the traditional stand alone development of sport facilities that have no adjacent economic activities or hubs to make them sustainable. It warns against a narrow approach of relying solely on normative standards for planning purposes. Rather, it advocates for the joint working of several stakeholder departments in local government to arrive at solutions that are in the best interests of sport and recreation. The end result should always be an improved quality of life of local residents and neighbourhoods. Lessons learnt from the development of standards in different cities and localities have assisted in recommendations with regard to general guidelines and specific standards for a variety of sport, recreation and open space provision. Further, the main principles that impact on the planning, provision and management of sport and recreation facilities are explained. Issues such as needs assessments, feasibility studies, design principles, funding options, public-private partnerships, and sources of revenue are addressed. The area of management covers management options, management plans, the principle of viability and sustainability, operational aspects, maintenance processes and procedures, safety and security, and accessibility. Principles and strategies relating to making the facilities economically viable are also presented in this document.

: 17 August 2010
: Directorate: Facillities, SRSA
: 2009
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