Committees of Enquiry

Committees of Enquiry


15 JANUARY 2018




The Ministry and the Department of Sport and Recreation takes note of all media inquiries on the progress on Committee of Inquiries as established by the Minister of Sport and Recreation South Africa. The Minister will be extending both Committee timelines for a period of three months to finalise their mandate.

  We wish to confirm that both Committees of Inquiry are on course, as set out in the terms of reference as well as on the timelines set out.

  All role players who are affected were requested to make their submissions as per the terms of reference and timeliness that were set out for submissions.

  The Committees are now considering the feedback received from the submissions as per the call made. Noting that work is in progress, we request that all interested parties  allow the committees to do their work without perceived interference. 

 Both Committees will only have its pre-public hearings meeting as from 5 February 2018 in preparation of the public hearings which will in all likelihood commence on 12 February 2018 until April 2018;

 With the appointment of top and senior judges on both inquires we are confident that both committees will do well in meeting the terms of reference of their work.


Mr. Mickey Modisane

Sport and Recreation South Africa

Chief Director: Marketing and Communications

Office Tel: 012 304 5159

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