Road to Glory - A Pictorial record of Natal's Currie Cup Triumph

Rugby in Natal is proud to associate itself with The Natal Witness in this publication to commemorate the winning of our first Currie Cup, and this in the centenary year of the NRU. If Craig Jamieson and Ian McIntosh had sat down early in March and penned a script which had Natal winning the Currie Cup for the first time, and in their centenary year, they would have been dismissed as the most fanciful of dreamers.

: 19 January 2018
ISBN Number
: 0 620 15357 1
: Bishop, J; Jamieson, C and McIntosh, A.
: 1990
: The Natal Witness Printing and Publishing Company (Pty) Ltd
Publication Page
: 72
Media Type
: Book
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