Sport in the Struggle Exhibition at Freedom Park, 20 March - 03 May 2018

Sport in the Struggle Exhibition at Freedom Park, 20 March - 03 May 2018

SRSA is showcasing the exhibition called “Sport in the Struggle” to coincide with the celebration of Human Rights Month for 2018.


The “Sport in the Struggle” exhibition is a travelling exhibition celebrating the forgotten heroes of South African sport prior to democracy.  The exhibition was first held in 2013 at the Apartheids Museum and since 2015 the exhibition has been travelling across South Africa, where it has so far been hosted at eight venues.  The exhibition has proven to be popular everywhere, and has reached thousands of visitors who visit museums and are exposed to the exhibition.


The exhibition has four purposes:

a.         To serve as a remembrance of the role of prominent leaders, sportspeople and events in the struggle against apartheid;

b.         To honour the sport in the struggle heroes;

c.         To educate young people about this part of South African history, and

d.         To highlight the relation between sport and human rights.


The content of the exhibition, which essentially tells the story of the people and events active in non-racist sport during the apartheid years, consists of mounted displays with photos and a description of the person or event.


This exhibition will be showcased at Freedom Park and opened to the public from 20 March to 03 May 2018.

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