Physiological Tests for elite athletes

Laboratory and Athlete Preparation - Quality assurance in exercise physiology laboratories - Pretest preparation General Assessment Procedure - Estimation of peak power and anaerobic capacity - Blood lactate transition thresholds: Concepts and controversies - Anthropometric Assessment protocols - Blood sampling and handling techniques - Measuring flexibility for performance and injury prevention - Determination of maximal oxygen consumption or maximal aerobic power - Protocols for the physiological assessment of team sport players Strength and Power Assessment - Introduction to the assessment of strength and power - Limitations to the use of isometric testing in athletic assessment - Strength assessment by isokinetic dynamometry - Protocols for the assessment of isoinertial strength Protocols for the Physiological Assessment of Players of Specific Sports - Protocols for the physiological assessment of: * Basketball Players * Cricket players * Cross-Country skiers and biathletes * Track, Road and Mountain Cyclists * Golfers * Hockey players * Netball Players * Rowers * Rugby union players * High-performance runners * Sailors * Soccer players * Softball players * Swimmers * Tennis players * High-performance triathletes * Elite water polo players

: 08 November 2010
ISBN Number
: 0-7360-0326-6
: Australian Sports Commission
: 2000
Publication Page
: 464
Media Type
: Book
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