Media release on the occasion of Minister of Sport and Recreation SA, Mr F.A. Mbalula's outline of the vision of the new administration of the world of sport and citizens

Informed by the torturous journey traversed by our forebears through decades characterised by divisions, disunity and segregation; inspired by the titanic campaigns for democratisation, non-racialism, equality and unity in sport; mindful of the immediate task at hand to democratise, deracialise, unify, enforce parity, resource adequately, promote good cooperate governance, strive for access, inclusivity, equality, quality and excellence, we have decided to take drastic measures whose logical conclusion is the restoration of Sport and Recreation to it’s rightful owners – the people. Ladies and gentlemen, sport is a national asset! We must jealously guard and protect it against any malicious harm and disharmony. For that reason we hereby state boldly and forthrightly, our intention to root out corruption and monopoly in this community and anything foreign and antithesis to popular aspirations of the masses of our people and our governments’ developmental policy trajectory. In the same vain we remain open and fully committed to working with all sport loving people, administrators and formations who share our vision and are equally committed to our mission.

: 12 November 2010
: 2010
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