Sport Club Management

Content: The club - the club plan - scope of a club - single-sport versus multisport clubs - goals - policies and procedures - the club entity - club governance Leading a sport club - organizational and management theory - functions of management - levels of management - leadership styles - power - understanding the environment Human Resources Management and Development - HRM - job description - hiring process - new employee experience - individual and program performance evaluation - job satisfaction of employees Effective Coach-Parent Relationship - embracing collaboration - developing a shared understanding - being transparent about one's coaching philosophy - engaging in appropriate and ongoing communication - collecting data to guide decisions and assess progress - providing social opportunities outside of the coaching context Legal Aspects of Club Management - legal principles - defenses - contracts Business Aspects of Club Management - budgeting and accounting - marketing Sponsorship and Fund-raising - sponsorship versus fundraising - creating the corporate partnership - fund-raising - capital campaigns - grant writing Club Facilities - rent or own - finance partners - planning the facility - facility management Long-term Athlete Development Ethical Issues in Club Management

: 24 November 2010
ISBN Number
: 0-7360-7596-8
: Robinson, M.J.
: 2010
Publication Page
: 243
Media Type
: Book
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