Sport and Liberaton in South Africa

Contents: Sport is a Human Right - Opening of conference address Sport and liberation: The unfinished business of the past How not to write cricket history "Bowl Brilliantly, Bat Badly - and don't stay for tea" Sport, Race and liberation before Apartheid: Albert Luthuli, 1992s - 1952 Rugby and change in South Africa during the 1995 Rugby World Cup and its aftermath Sport and new mining communities in the Witbank district School sport organisations and education 1960s - 1990s The destruction of non-racial sport - a consequence of the negotiated political settlement The invisible factor - Women in the non-racial sports movement Physical Education and Sport: "Luxuries" We cannot afford to live without Comments on the future of South African Sport

: 21 December 2010
ISBN Number
: 0-620-36166-2
: 2006
Publication Page
: 177
Media Type
: Book
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