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 29 SEPTEMBER 2017

National Youth Camp 

 The Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa annual Youth Camp will be taking place this October month during school holidays simultaneously at all provinces. A specific schedule of comprehensive activities focusing on Social Cohesion, Nation Building and bridging the gap on Race relations has been put together with inputs from all stakeholders. This year’s Youth Camp stakeholders are inclusive of Love Life and all 9 Provincial Departments of Sport Arts and Culture.

 The programme is structured in a manner that it’s a social connector and a powerful development tool that seeks to address various social ills.  It is also positioned as a well-designed sport and physical activity programmes with potent mechanisms for fostering healthy youth and individual development, teaching positive values, life skills, tolerance and leadership skills. Programme also promotes inclusion of disadvantaged youth especially, youth with disability, those out of school, youth at risk, girl children, unemployed and rural youth.

 The Youth Camps focuses mainly on the following overall four elements constituting the hallmark of building blocks of positive lifestyle:

  Sport - As an enabler and unifier

Youth - As target participants and taking into account the diverse sectors and strata

Camp - As strategic platforms through which Young People from diverse background can converge in one venue whilst building Social Cohesion, Leadership & National Identity

Integration - Different agencies and public organs working together in an integrated manner, through Sport as a transversal enabler in addressing holistic development needs of young people and channeling them towards a single goal of an active and conscious citizenship.

National Youth Camp core values are therefore listed as follows, Education, Leadership, Service, Unity and Character.

Commenting about the Upcoming Youth Camp as the Department important Social Cohesion programme, Minster TW Nxesi had this to say:

“The National Youth Camp is one way in which we are supportive of the Department vision of an active and a winning nation. A true foundation to the notion of “building a winning nation” starts with the comprehensive and integrated development of our future athletes and sport administrators. The primary objective of the National Youth Camp programme remains another platform to develop our young people and further empower them with the necessary requisite values associated with soft-skills and knowledge. This programme is also going to assist our youth in becoming responsible, conscious citizens whilst strengthening their sense of patriotism and identity.

The strategic and primary objective of this programme also includes the national priorities of building social cohesion; nation building and breaking down divisions based on race, class, disability, gender and improved leadership skills so that our youth can also contribute to building a safe and positive environment, All these character building elements are cornerstones of our Youth Camp programme”.


2017 Youth Camp Venues are listed as follows:








Black Mountain















Warrenton resort



Benroneca adventure









Members of the media who will be in attendance are required to confirm their attendance by sending an email in response to / contacting her on (012) 304 - 5159   


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Media Release 29 September 2017.  

For attention Editors and Journalists 


They came to defend their 2016 win and once again the KZN team won the Indigenous Games Championships for 2017. 

The reigning champions of the Indigenous Games for the last 3 years consecutively, Team KZN once more showcased sportsmanship prowess with a feisty competitive spirit ensuring that they upheld the status quo. 

Taking second place was once again Team Limpopo and following in 3rd position was Team Western Cape who were in 7th position in 2016. 

With the next TAFISA World Sport for All Games taking place in 2020 in Portugal, it will be interesting to see how other provinces improve their performances in an effort to make it as the team to present the country at the international championships. 

The winning teams were announced at the closing ceremony of the Indigenous Games Festival 2017, held at Seshego Stadium in Polokwane, Limpopo on the 29th of September 2017. 

Addressing those in attendance at the closing ceremony, the DG of the national department of Sport and Recreation, Mr. Alec Moemi, affirmed the invaluable platform which the Indigenous Games Festival programme plays in driving preservation of the games, celebration of South African cultural identity as well as promotion of social cohesion within the diverse multi-cultural communities of South Africa

The DG of SRSA went on to also remind the Indigenous Games Provincial teams that the upcoming 2020 TAFISA Games - are an opportunity for the best provincial teams to represent SA by participating in international championships. Key to this international platform is that its mandate resonates well with the Indigenous Games Festival platform as it promotes traditional sports and games whilst encouraging physical activity participation. 

Also present was MEC of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation of Limpopo Ms. Onicca Moloi who thanked the provincial teams, the coaches as well as the LOC of the IG 2017 for delivering the 2017 programme. MEC went on to also applaud the media for the fine work they did throughout the week in telling the story of SA’s heritage and culture as brought to life through the bouquet of activities which took place at Seshego stadium throughout the week.

Indeed, the bouquet offered on site at Seshego Stadium from the 24th to the 29th of September 2017 celebrated our rich South African heritage. From the 9 provinces competing across the 9 Indigenous Games codes; to the Open Stage platform which daily hosted cultural performances from our local artists; to the African Crafts Market which gave African crafters the opportunity to sell their work - daily the stadium, offered attendees with a plethora of activities to choose from.

Adding to that bouquet was the African fashion show which took place on the 28th which saw Limpopo designers showcase designs of their African garments across 3 categories. 

The African Village brought to community life in the villages with 5 rondavels showcasing 5 different cultures engaging learners daily on our culture and heritage. There is an African Proverb which states that: “he who does not love to dance, does not love to sing” and this sums up so well the experience of watching African Gumboot Dancing competitions. On the 25th, the competition was for primary school learners whilst the 26th saw the hosting of the competition for high school learners with each group showcasing rich performances of dance interwoven with harmonious African rich voices - all in an effort to win the hearts of the judges.

As a department, Indigenous Games Festival will continue to be the platform which showcases the department’s commitment in driving the Social Cohesion’s Outcome 14 government mandate. By providing and promoting sport platforms which encourage more opportunities for acceptance of our diverse culture, we as a department of Sport & Recreation are implementing and planting seeds of success towards the realisation of NDP’s 2030 vision. My Games. My Roots. My Pride. My Future.


National Dept of Sport and Recreation

Ms. Nnaniki Malesa 071 350 9125 


Limpopo Department of Sport, Arts and Culture

Ms. Jermina Kaka 0825607197



Media Release  - 20 September 2017

For attention Editors and Journalists 



 The national department of Sport and Recreation will kick start Heritage month celebrations by hosting the 12th edition of the Indigenous Games Festival - from the 24th to the 29th of September 2017 - at Seshego Sport Precinct, Polokwane.

 Hosted in association with the provincial department of Sports, Arts & Culture Limpopo,  the multi-cultural Indigenous Games festival kicks off with its annual Carnival Parade on the 24th of September 2017 which will start at Corner of Nelson Mandela & Chris Hani Road in Seshego and end off at Seshego stadium in Maraba Street.

 The streets of Seshego will come to a stand still as groups in colourful African regalia meander the streets of Seshego in song and dance showcasing our diverse and rich cultural society represented in attire, song and dance. With the end of the parade, starts the ceremony to officiate the Opening of the Indigenous Games at Seshego Sport Precinct where 9 provinces are competing for the Indigenous Games Championship within 9 games codes i.e. Dibeke, Diketo,

Drie Stokkies, Intonga, Juskei, Kgati, Kho-Kho, Morabaraba as well as Ncuva.

 The 24th September Heritage Day cultural festivity culminates in a Family picnic hosted at the scenic landscape park next to Seshego Stadium - which will feature free open-air theatre performances from artists such as Limpopo’s very own Selaelo  Selota and Indigenous as well as Vusi Nova and Presss.The community is encouraged to come and celebrate their Heritage day with families and friends armed with their own picnic baskets and a blanket (to sit or recline on) whilst being entertained to SA’s pride in music and comedy.

 The 2017 Indigenous Games Festival week will showcase a jam-packed schedule showcasing a bouquet of activities rich in SA’s culture and heritage  to promote our Indigenous games, entertainment and foods so as to educate, remind and affirm our cultural pride as South Africans.

 Daily the Games competition start from 08h30 till 16h30 whilst the festival part of IGF will deliver edutainment in 8 activities including an African Crafts Market, African Fashion Showcase, African Food Village, African, Kiddies Fun Village, African Traditional Kraal, African Beer Garden, African Dance - Gumboots  as well as an Open Stage.

 The African village will be erected from the 25th to the 28th showcasing 5 rondavels of our indigenous cultures namely: Zulu, Pedi, Tsonga, Ndebele, and Venda. School learners and the rest of the community are encouraged to visit the village where they will be educated on the indigenous values and structures which exist and enable communities to reconnect in a deep way with their cultural heritage. The highlight of these daily activations is the African Traditional Kraal which will showcase a mock-trial led by a chief with his lekgotlha on resolving disputes as well as adjudicating family cases in ensuring peaceable relations within communities.

 An African proverb or adage reminds us that “Those who are at one regarding food are at one in life”. After all African celebrations are not complete without food and entertainment. The former is represented by African Food Village offers local vendors selling only the best African food cuisines and hosting a food competition on the 25th and the 27th. The latter showcases 3 distinct activations namely: African Gumboot Dance competition, Fashion Show competition on the 28th and an Open Stage which daily from 09h00 till 23h00 will presents local singers and dancers entertaining crowds and personifying our cultural heritage in songs and dances.

 The Indigenous Games Festival, in its pursuit to provide a platform for bringing people from all different cultures together serves as a strategic tangible driver towards the realisation of NDP’s 2030. The NDP 2030 mandates the need for government to drive programmes which promote social cohesion with the deliverable by 2030 which will see South Africans more conscious of the things they have in common than their differences and more accepting of people’s multiple identities. As a department of Sport & Recreation we are in essence implementing and planting seeds of success towards the realisation of NDP’s 2030 vision.

 Honour SA’s rich heritage and culture - Promote and encourage Indigenous Games Festival from 24th to 29th of September 2017.

 Indigenous Games Festival: My Games, My Roots, My future.

Media Enquiries:

National Dept of Sport and Recreation-

Ms. Sandra Botha

082 451 3210

 Limpopo Department of Sport, Arts and Culture-

Ms. Jermina Kaka  082 560 7197 





Media Release

12 July 2017 



Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa, in partnership with National House of Traditional Leaders and  take this opportunity to grant members of the media updates about the Inaugural Rural Sport Development Programme National Championships games currently taking place in Limpopo at Old Peter Mokaba stadium till the 14 July 2017

 At the end of day three with lots of sweat and toil from all participating athletes, netball teams from various provinces look set to commence with their knockout stages on Thursday. Currently leading in the group stages are the following provincial teams with 18 teams from various provinces currently competing. looking set to be part of the knockout stages: in section A leading is Nartosrs Star from NW, Section B leading the pack is Maebana From Limpopo, Section C, Touwsrivier Western Cape, D section is Spartans from Western Cape. Leading teams have currently played an overall Of four games each with those in section B having 

played 3 games in total. netball quoter  Finals are billed to commence on Thursday at 09H00. 

Sport and Recreation South Africa and house of traditional leaders further announces that athletics are scheduled to commence this Thursdayat 09H00 at Old Peter Mokaba stadium. Members of the Media are invited including the general public as the entrance is free. Various sporting codes award ceremonies are scheduled to take place this Friday with rugby commencing at 13H00. 

Rural Sport Development Programme continues to address rural community participation in sport and the opportunity for talented athletes to be identified hence, participation in this programme remains of primary importance.The objective is to unearth talent in rural communities and ensure that we widen the poll of sport development. We have to explore all avenues in ensuring that we remain an active and a winning nation. Also this Programme, is going to further ensure that talent identified , is preserved by taking talented identified athletes to various support programmes including our sport focus school, Stated Min TW Nxesi.


Event details still remains as follows:

Event Name: Rural Sport development Programme National Championships

Province   : Limpopo, Peter Mokaba stadium

Dates        : 10 July   - 14 July 2017

Sporting Codes   Venues

           Football   Old Peter Mokaba Stadium 

       Rugby     Old Peter Mokaba Stadium                             

       Netball.     Old Peter Mokaba Stadium 

       Athletics     Old Peter Mokaba Stadium

The Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa remains committed to maximizing access to sport, recreation and physical activity in every community within the Republic of South Africa. Public should note that event entrance is free and and games will commence daily from 10H00 for the duration of games. 

This programme is further hosted in close cooperation with Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, National House of Traditional Leaders and Provincial sports, Arts and Recreation Departments. Also involved in the successful implementation of this programme is the Provincial District and Local Municipalities and the Provincial Academies of Sport.

 For more information Contact:

 Kola Maila 

Limpopo Department of Sport, Arts Culture

         Head of Communications

         Office Tel: 015 284 4026

         Mobile Tel: 072 376 2716


Mr. Mickey Modisane

Sport and Recreation South Africa

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