Perspectives - Health Enhancing Physical Activity

Content: What are the health effects of physical activity? - Inactivity as a disease risk and health benefits of increased physical activity, - Health risks of physical activity, - The public health potential of health enhancing physical activity. How much and what kind of physical activity for health? - General dose-response issues concerning physical activity and health - Frequency, duration, intensity and total volume of physical activity as determinants of health outcomes - Life-style activity for health. How active and fit are we for health? - Assessment of health-enhancing physical activity - Population levels and patterns of physical activity for health - How fit are we for health. How to promote health-enhancing physical activity - Individual and small group interventions - How to promote health enhancing physical activity community - Environmental influences on physical activity. - Policy intervention

: 06 January 2011
ISBN Number
: 1-84126-157-2
: 2004
: Volume 6
Publication Page
: 466
Media Type
: Book
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