Speech - Minister: 2010 Zone VI Games

The South African government is committed to contributing to the nurturing and growing sport talent in the African continent, and specifically in its own sub-region. To this end the Zone VI Games, which brings together young athletes from countries in the region to compete in a range of popular sports, is an important event and one that South Africa supports wholeheartedly. It plays an important role to show the rest of the world the talent pool that exists in Africa especially, Southern Africa. You are a team of athletes that our people are proud of. All South Africans, black and white, are behind you in your endeavours to succeed in these games. Our people know and are convinced that through your continuous participation in games like these, you are on your way to top performance in world sport. Your brothers and sisters in 2008 went all out and put South Africa in greater heights. Out of ten Southern African countries, South Africa became first. They won 56 Gold Medals, 40 Silver and 14 Bronze. This was definitely a first class South African Team. The nation is expecting you to do more. We all say with you, the 2010 TeamSA can and will do us proud. Go out there, this time we need more than 110 Medals we won in 2008. South Africa is proud of you! We trust you and we depend on you!

: 14 January 2011
: 2010
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