Speech - Minister: Lions Rugby (Pty) Ltd Capping Ceremony an Players Awards. - 8 December 2010

The overwhelming majority of Rugby fans and players in the world believe that rugby originated in 1823 after William Webb Ellis disregarded the rules of Football that were existing at the time at the Rugby school, in England. William Ellis first took the ball to his arms and ran with it, thus originating the distinctive characteristic of the Rugby game. Although it is worth mentioning out that this is mythical as there is small in the way of verification to authenticate this view, it is however, the popular view. So much so in fact that; the international committee named the Rugby World Cup (RWC) the “William W. Ellis Trophy”. During the middle ages of the 5th to 16th century, various early games were played in Great Britain and they were sometimes called Folk Football, Mob Football or Shrovetide Football. Such games would usually be played between neighboring towns and villages, comprising of an unlimited number of participants on opposing teams, who would fight and struggle to move an inflated pig’s bladder by any means possible to markers at each end of a town.

: 17 January 2011
: 2010
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