Speech - Minister: SRSA/Provinces Strategic Planning Workshop - 10-12 January 2011

The aforementioned conference and our Strategic Planning Workshop today are open-ended platforms and flexible intellectual engagements which will enable us to gain fresh elements of enlightenment and progress. However, given our country’s history of inequality and its uneven development we are duty-bound to undo all inequalities through directed policies, campaigns and programmes. Our point of departure is the clarion call issued by the ruling party to the nation on the occasion of the African National Congress (ANC) 52ND NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2007. The ANC called upon all of us in the sporting sector to ensure that:- • One emblem for all sports national teams is adopted. • All schools must offer a minimum bouquet of extra mural, mass participation in sport activities. • Physical education must be offered as a compulsory subject for learners from grade 0-12. • Mass participation, physical activity and sport programmes must prioritise the involvement of girls, women and people with disability with a view to promoting equity. • Funding currently under the Municipality Infrastructure Grant (MIG), which is aimed at sports facilities, should be diverted to the departments of Sports and Recreation and of Education. • The ANC must ensure that the country's investments in 2010 FIFA World Cup should result in a lasting legacy for our communities and our people. • Speed up the revival of school sport and ensure that it forms part of the school curriculum. In addition, the ANC government will ensure that the provision of sport facilities in poorer communities receives priority. • To create further opportunities for the training of sports administrators, referees and coaches so as to improve standards in sport.

: 17 January 2011
: 2011
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