Australian Sport: Better by Design?

Contents: Sport and Australian society. Sport policy foundation. Benign indifference: sport policy 1920 - 71. Augmentation: sport policy 1983 - 96. Integration: sport policy 1996 - 2003. BASA: themes and assumptions. Elite sport development: targeting high performance. Community sport development: targeting participation. Junior sport development: participation programmes and player pathways. Management improvement in sport: performance measurements. Fair play in sport: drugs, discrimination, disadvantage and disability. Regulating sport: the case of sport broadcasting. How can policy outcomes be monitored and measured. What does it all mean.

: 21 January 2011
ISBN Number
: 0-415-34046-2
: Stewart, B; Nicholson, M; Smith, A; Westerbeek, H.
: 2004
Publication Page
: 208
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Media Type
: Book

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