Australia's Sporting Success - the inside story

Over the last few years, Australian men and women have been acclaimed as world champions in sports as diverse as archery, athletics, boxing, cricket, cycling, equestrianism, field hockey, golf, netball, rowing, squash, swimming, surfing and tennis. The extra-ordinary performances of Australian athletes, and an awareness of the system that fostered them, probably only came to the world's attention during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, when Australia was placed fourth in the overall medal count and then first in the subsequent Paralympics. Following these triumphs, Australians won 39 team and individual world championships in 2001, many of them in non-Olympic sports.

: 21 January 2011
ISBN Number
: 0-86840-582-5
: Bloomfield, J.
: 2004
Publication Page
: 263
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: Book

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