Sport: The right to participate and other legal issues

A new era has dawned in South African sport. Sport has become a truly global enterprise and it is not surprising that the law and legal regulation have also entered this domain. South Africa, despite being a late starter, is by no means isolated from this development. South Africa's re-entry into competitive international sport was facilitated by a new constitution in which notions such as equality and fairness are foremost. These notions also have resonance in sport. In this publication, the main focus is on the issue of discrimination in sport. The position of pregnant athletes, child protection in sport and the rules of international sport federations limiting the eligibility of sportsmen to represent more that one country are some of the issues scrutinized.

: 10 March 2011
ISBN Number
: 0-7992-2221-6
: Le Roux, R.; Cornelius, S.
: 2003
Publication Page
: 173
Media Type
: Book
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