Directorate: International Liason

The purpose of this programme is to coordinate inter and intra-government sport and recreation relations and support the hosting of identified major events. 

International Liaison negotiates government-to-government agreements and manages the ensuing programmes of cooperation.  The sub programme also supports continental relations through its vigorous participation in African Union (AU) and Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA) activities.

Major Events:
Major Events coordinates and manages governmentís support services for hosting identified major events (in South Africa) and at international events as per request from the Minister. The sub-programme also assists in promoting South Africa as a desired sports tourist destination by hosting a hospitality centre at identified major international sporting events.  In addition the sub programme contributes to economic growth through its initiatives, in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, to promote sports tourism to and in South Africa.

No Image of Mr. Meshack Mbowane

Mr. Meshack Mbowane

Director: International Liaison
Tel : 0123045054


No Image of Ms. Thabisile Khoza

Ms. Thabisile Khoza

Tel : 012 304 5225


No Image of Mr. Matabane Seretse

Mr. Matabane Seretse

Deputy Director: International Relations
Tel : 012 304 5218


Mrs. Michelle Marx

Mrs. Michelle Marx

Deputy Director: Major Event Support
Tel : 012 304 5121