Directorate: Infrastructure Support, Management & Delivery (Facilities)

The purpose of this programme is to facilitate the provision and management of sustainable sport and recreation facilities.

Planning and Advocacy:
Planning and Advocacy lobbies for the provision of sport and recreation facilities, by municipalities, in accordance with the national sport and recreation facilities plan. Funding is mainly used for compensation of SRSA employees and their related goods and services expenditure.  The sub-programme is also involved in the programme management unit overseeing the donor funds received from the German development bank (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau [KfW]) for the infrastructure development associated with the youth development against violence through sport project.

Technical Support:
Technical Support provides technical assistance, to local authorities and other relevant stakeholders for the construction and management of facilities, to ensure compliance with national standards. It also oversees the procurement of gymnasium equipment to selected municipalities as part of a pilot project towards building a case for lobbying for an increase in funding for gymnasium equipment in the future.  The sub-programme also contributes to the skills development of the facility managers through funding specialised sport turf grass management training.

Norms and Standards for Sport and Recreation Infrastructure - Vol 1 - Operations and Management

Norms and Standards for Sport and Recreation Infrastructure - Vol 2 - Technical Specs


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Ms. Nthangeni Tshivhase

Director: Infrastructure Support, Management and Delivery (Facilities)
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Ms. Kgomotso Maduse

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