PAIA - Promotion of Access to Information Act

Access to information is a human right protected by Section 32 of our Constitution.  In addition, the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) protects and upholds the rights of people to access information.

The Act is there to:

  • Protect our Constitutional right to access information
  • Enhance the transparency, accountability and effectiveness of government

There are two distinct groups that you may request information from:

  1. Public bodies;  and
  2. Private bodies.

You can ask for any information, although access to certain information may be refused. 

To get the information you want, you have to follow the correct procedures.  This means using the right forms (available form the Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) website).

To help you find the information you seek, both public and private bodies must publish a manual detailing what records they keep.  These manuals also contain contact details of the information officer and of every deputy information officer.  The Director-General of SRSA is the Information Officer.

To download a copy please click on the link below.

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