National Sports Week

National Sports Week

The strategic intent of the National Sport Week is to inculcate the development of sports; driving business through sport and to foster open communication as a way to overcome the challenges confronting the sporting fraternity.


Enables strategic thinkers, stakeholders and athletes within the sporting fraternity the opportunity to DISCUSS policies, trends, research, frameworks etc in the interest of advancing the business of sport in SA.


The sporting sector and its stakeholders are given opportunity to SHOWCASE the work they are doing in advancing the development of our South African athletes and its administration. The Ministerial Outreach programme affords communities to showcase to the leadership of the sporting sector on what has been done in these communities to date in advancing sport. The sporting needs of communities are also highlighted thus enabling the ministry of sport and recreation to reciprocate accordingly to the needs of these sporting communities.


Through this ENGAGE prong, key senior business principals and other stakeholders who play a pivotal role in the advancement of sport participation in the sporting field of golf to engage on such matters. The Ministerial Golf Day platform provides an opportunity to identify a worthy cause for which the players on the day can help raise funds towards that worthy cause.


The activation platform of Honouring is advanced through the appreciation of the success of athletes locally and internationally and that honour is bestowed on them through the South African Sport Awards (SASA). SASA is the basis upon which the sporting ethic and excellence of those in the sporting fraternity are recognised, celebrated, rewarded and honoured.


Takes place in November every year.


To be announced


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