Department of Sport and Recreation receives it's fifth Clean Audit award in a row


18 February 2019

Tshwane - The department of Sport and Recreation South Africa under the leadership of Minister Tokozile Xasa received its fifth (5th) clean audit in a row. The presentation and announcement were conducted this morning by the Auditor General at the Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) office’s (corner Madiba and Queen Street).

In continuation of SRSA quest for excellence, accountability and clean governance, SRSA once more achieved the following:
•    Its annual pre-determined objectives and targets
•    Significant implementation of National Sport & Recreation Plan despite accompanying new programmes
•    99.9% spent of total departmental allocations

This award continues to serve as testament of the Auditor General South Africa’s confidence in SPORT AND RECREATION SOUTH AFRICA and confirmation that there is NO irregular, unauthorized and fruitless & wasteful expenditure.

“I am excited of this breaking news and full of praise to the Director - General and his entire team that continue to work tirelessly despite various challenges inclusive of limited staff. I know how difficult it is to continuously work under new leadership as this brings some instability however this achievement, clearly shows that the team remained steadfast in executing its mandate and in ensuring that it continues to service the public with diligence. To receive a 5th clean audit in a row it’s no child’s play as you must maintain it and ensure that you continue to work with everyone across the sport sector landscape and you also ensure that you meet your targets, which is what the department has managed to do”, stated Minister Tokoxile Xasa MP.

“On behalf of Minister Xasa and the entire staff, I take my hat off as we have done it again and thank to all the department foot soldiers which is our staff for this wonderful achievement. The Director - General as they all work under him as the Accounting Officer, has definitely made sure that we can proudly this time around keep the trophy as we are achieving this clean audit for the fifth time in a row. Well done to all staff for working tirelessly and for ensuring that we deliver a clean audit again. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved” and I so hope that we continue in the next financial year and not take our foot of the pedal”, stated the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation, Gert Oosthuizen.

“As the Director General of Sport and Recreation I am extremely proud to be part of the team that has a history of perpetual excellence and strives to achieve the best. This fifth clean audit in a row is the best news and I am pleased with how public funds have been utilized.  This serves as an indication that there is cohesion in the department when it comes to utilizing government funds, stated Director General Alec Moemi.

Issued by the Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa and for more information on the release, kindly contact the following:
 Mr. Mickey Modisane
Chief Director: Marketing & Communications
Sport & Recreation South Africa
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Mr Vuyo Mhaga
Minister liaison Officer
Sport and Recreation South Africa
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