Highight of the 2018's National Sports Week

5 November 2018

BLOEMFONTEIN The 4th annual edition of National Sports Week (NSW), which gets underway from the 5 - 12 November 2018 will see the department of Sport and Recreation and its partners undertake key activations intended to drive its strategic mandate of providing increasing platforms and opportunities of educating South African citizens on the role sports plays in addressing the country’s socio-economic challenges.

Key highlight of the week’s calendar is the official host of the Signing of Land Exchange Agreement and SOD Turning Ceremony on a site where National Training and Olympic Preparatory Centre (NTC) will be built in 2019. The Sod Turning Ceremony will take place on the 10th of November 2018 at Cecila Park in Bloemfontein at 11h00. Key on the agenda of the day is to SHOWCASE the work underway in the building of the NTC which will be a national high-performance centre used to provide scientific support to athletes in various sporting codes in order to help them achieve optimal levels of performance and become more competitive at elite level.

The department recognizes that physical education, physical activity and sport can bring a variety of individual and societal benefits, such as health, social and economic development, youth empowerment, reconciliation and peace. It is for this reason that the department will also be handing over to its provincial departments 9 sets of Sports Buzzes, which are mobile physical literacy and participation platforms developed to encourage community participation and involvement championed amongst kids from an early age.Sports Buzz, is one of the mobilisation tools which the department is developing in response to government’s National Development’s Plan of making Early Childhood Development a top priority through the promotion of Physical Literacy Education and Physical Activity in South African schools as well as communities.

The NSW is a week which highlights four key activation platforms which bring alive the 4-pronged strategy of delivering the week’s programme: Discussion, Showcasing, Engaging and Honouring.This year’s SHOWCASING also includes the hosting of the Sports In The Struggle Exhibition, which continues to educate South Africans on iconic sporting legends of the past who were never recognised for their sporting achievements because of restrictive apartheid laws of the past. This exhibition is currently on display at the Sol Plaatjies university in Kimberely.

In advancing business through sport key African Union Sport Council Region 5’s strategic forums get underway which will see key senior business and related organisational principals within the SADIC region and other stakeholders ENGAGE on strategic opportunities of creating increased opportunities of transforming the sporting landscape.

The week will end on high celebratory note when the department HONOURS SA’s sporting icons through the 13th annual SA Sport Awards evening event to be held at Pacoffs in Bloemfontein on the 11th of November 2018. This is followed suit by the hosting of the Breakfast of Champions , morning of the 12th of November 2018 where the 2018 SASA Winners will DISCUSS ways in which SA’s youth can also become future sporting stars.

NB: See attached Detailed Programme of the 2018 National Sports Week: 

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