We are Caster and Caster is Us

1 March 2019

Cape Town , Parliament - Minister of Sport and Recreation SA Minister Tokozile Xasa MP, supported by various leadership of sport federations in South Africa appealed to all South Africans including members of both houses of parliament being the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces to continue with their support for Caster Semenya ahead of the IAAF (CAS) ruling.

In her speech yesterday, the Minister urged the members of both house to rally behind Caster Semenya and support her #NaturallySuperior campaign and use all in their powers to force CAS (Court For Arbitration for Sport) to rule in favour of Caster Semenya. Minister Xasa therefore called upon all members of both Parliament houses to be on the right side of history and be representatives of the people of South Africa and openly declare to the world their support for Semenya.


We urge all political parties to endorse the campaign #NaturallySuperior, and to continue to lobby the world to stand firm against these regulations.” As it stands, the three-judge panel at the Court of Arbitration for Sport is deliberating the case and will deliver a verdict on or before 26 March 2019, Stated Minister Tokozile Xasa (See full Minister National Assembly Speech attached on the site).